Dentistry is responsible for treating patients with oral diseases.
Our doctors place an emphasis on individual patient care.
We work with the latest technology to help us make a variety of gadgets and set up artificial materials to make up for lost teeth.


Kustec Policlinic offers a range of services that have only one goal: to create a beautiful and confident smile that will last a lifetime.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery consists of a series of surgical procedures aimed at improving adverse anatomical and biological situations.

Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is a branch of dentistry that replaces lost teeth, aesthetically corrects existing or improves the function and aesthetic appearance of teeth.

Conservative dentistry and endodontics

Oral hygiene is the first good habit to protect healthy teeth but as much as it can be thoroughly performed on a daily basis, it’s not enough.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has been perfected both aesthetically and functionally and includes procedures such as tartar cleaning, flossing, and teeth whitening.

  • A superb team of experts

    Dr. Mirjana Kustec Pribilovic leads an experienced team of dentists who provide individual access to each patient, and a satisfied and smiling patient is our imperative.
  • 7 modern practices

    State-of-the-art dental surgeries, state-of-the-art equipment, a dental laboratory and a long-term warranty on implants and prosthetics.
  • Dental lab

    Our clinic has its own state-of-the-art technology-equipped dental laboratory that performs the most technically and aesthetically challenging procedures quickly and efficiently.

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Everyone is always smiling and kind. All praise to the team. I recommend them to everyone :)

Josipa Sever

Always smiling and friendly staff, and the team is top notch, expeditious, professional and professional. An absolute recommendation!

Predrag Vurušić

All compliments to the staff of the clinic. Today was the first time, but certainly not the last. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Angel Marijić Mimić

I would emphasize kindness, patient care, professionalism and humanity above all. Dear hosts, nice atmosphere and atmosphere.

Josipa Lopar

I have heard all the best about Kustec Clinic from my friends, expertise, competence and service level! :)

Miro Kasumović

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