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With more than 35 years of experience in the field of dentistry we offer a complete dental service of the highest quality.
Dental implants, bone reconstruction, prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry and even orthodontics.

Meet our team of dental and cosmetic surgery experts

dr. med. dent. Mirjana Kustec Pribilović

"The passion for this job gives me energy. And after 42 years, I work with the same enthusiasm as day one."

dr. med. dent. Ivan Kustec

"Od najranijih školskih dana slijedim poziv svoje obitelji."

dr.med.dent. Marko Rajić

"A beautiful smile is no longer as elusive today as it used to be.
Science and technology have advanced to the point where it is possible to change the smile that will brighten your face in just a few days. "

doc. dr. sc. Aleksandar Milenović

"The high level of thinking in cosmetic surgery is to take care of your beauty as little as possible."

  • Proffesional and friendly staff

    In Kustec Policlinic you will find doctors specialized in dental implants, artificial bone grafts, prosthetics, and with excellent knowledge of Italian. All the highly qualified staff will take care of you and together we will find the best solution for You.
  • 7 modern dental practices

    We have 7 dental practices, dental laboratories, an operating room for cosmetic surgery, two rooms for hospitalization and a waiting room equipped to make your waiting period more comfortable.
  • Dental laboratory

    In the clinic we have a dental laboratory specialized in the manufacturing dental prosthetics. Having an in-house laboratory allows us to devote full attention to the needs of any patient but also maximizes functionality and the quality of aesthetics ,minimizing the waiting time.

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Ispunite upitnik

What do patients say about us?

Always smiling and friendly staff, proffesional above everything. An absolute recommendation!

Predrag Vurušić

All compliments to the staff of the clinic. Today was tmy he first time, but certainly not the last. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Angel Marijić Mimić

I would emphasize kindness, care, professionalism and humanity above all. Nice atmosphere.

Josipa Lopar

I have heard all the best about Kustec Clinic from my friends, expertise, competence and service level! :)

Miro Kasumović

The importance of having healthy teeth

Specialized doctors in Kustec Policlinic will recommend the best solution for your current situation.

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