Dental tourism

For many years there have been many people who have decided to entrust their dental care to foreign countries like Croatia, creating a real phenomenon that has taken the name of Dental Tourism.

Over the years, Dental tourism in Croatia has built the reputation with foreign patients, who even push their friends and acquaintances to carry out dental care in Croatia, through what is called the word of mouth phenomenon.

The opinions of the patients who have reached our dental practice in Zagreb are a great source of pride for our team that every day is committed to satisfying the needs of all those who decide to trust us.

Join us in Zagreb

What in recent years has led many people to join us in Zagreb is certainly the advantageous price that our clinic offers. We believe that dental problems are a real obstacle for the patient's well-being and health. A patient who remains edentulous for a long time must get used to an incorrect diet and, sometimes even to wrong chewing that over time can cause other, much more important pathologies, first of all, the headache.

However, there is not always economic availability to bear the exaggerated prices required for dental operations. For this reason, most of our patients decide to rely on our dental practice in Zagreb.

  • Prices

    Many wonder how it is possible to justify prices so different compared to other European countries, mistakenly believing that they are using poor materials and poor quality equipment.
  • The reality is that Croatia has a different cost of living than some other European countries, and the lower taxation system, as well as VAT make dentists have to face lower expenses. Even the average general salary is lower so it is possible to limit the prices for the patient who is faced with a lower cost for the work carried out.


For over 35 years we have been at the service of foreign patients from whom every year we get great confidence and an increasing loyalty.

It is precisely the positive opinions of those who have turned to our clinic to give us the greatest publicity and are for us an enormous source of pride that pushes every member of our team to work more and more for the satisfaction of the patient who can return to their countries showing off a new smile and inviting acquaintances and friends to contact us for dental care.

Our advertising has always been our patients and their opinions.


Quality guarantee

Therefore, Kustec Policlinic has been famous for years for the competitive prices it offers but also for the professionalism and experience of the medical team it is made up of. The 35 years experience of the professionals you will find in Zagreb will allow you to carry out the work best suited to your needs at the best possible price.

Professional team

You can get the online quote by sending us your dental overview and the doctor will tell you which is the most advisable job to solve your dental problem at a more advantageous price.

In this way you will get all the information on prices and methods of carrying out the work before leaving for Zagreb.


Our clinic

Every job done at our Zagreb dental office is guaranteed and certified as the materials and equipment used fully meet the requirements of the European Union.

The machines that you will find are of the latest generation and of great prestige as well as the materials used both for the fillings and for the dental implants in which perfectly biocompatible titanium alloys are used exclusively which reduce the risk of infections and rejections to a minimum.

This is one of the main reasons why, every patient who goes to our dental practice in Croatia can take advantage of the best possible service, with qualified doctors always available and technical staff who, in Italian and English, will be able to provide any type of information and advice for make your experience in Croatia more enjoyable.

Payment methods

We offer our clients various payment options. In cooperation with the banks, we have secured the possibility of payment in installments, as well as interest-free payment up to a certain number of installments.

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