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Contemporary cosmetic surgery continuously follows the development of new technologies and the emergence of new scientific discoveries with the aim of responding better to the needs of the individual and to eliminate his dissatisfaction.

This is why it is not surprising that cosmetic surgery, like other areas of modern medicine, is constantly advancing mainly for the benefit of patients.

In addition to the anti-aging methods currently offered to patients, namely the classic surgical procedures (facelifts, blepharoplasty and others) and non-invasive methods (application of fillers) a new non-invasive facial rejuvenation method called Silhuette Soft has emerged.

Over the years, people begin to notice a gradual aging of their face and want to tighten their skin a little and lift it.

Silhuette Soft is a safe and immediately visible result technique, which allows you to redefine the profile of the face and improve the skin appearance.

The features will immediately appear fresher and lighter and the skin progressively more compact and young.


It is a surgical technique that uses the new Silhouette sutures to lift the soft tissues of the face and without incisions in the skin.

The “Fili Silhouette Soft” treatment ensures lasting results. The procedure lasts about 30 minutes and at the end of the treatment the patient can resume his daily activities.

The Silhouette Soft method is a treatment that combines two actions: The first phase involves a lifting and lifting action of the tissues, with an immediately visible and extremely natural effect.

Once the treatment has been completed, the doctor will be able to redefine the affected area, stretching and lifting the tissues thanks to bidirectional and resorbable suture threads.

The second phase, instead, provides for the increase in volume, with gradual and natural results.

The reabsorption of the active substances of Silhouette Soft, or of polylactic glycolic acid, helps the skin to renew collagen.

It is an intervention carried out under local anesthesia and is an outpatient type.

The procedure can only be performed by a doctor authorized to use Silhouette Soft suture threads.

All the methods described above of cosmetic surgery have their advantages and in different ways can contribute to the general appearance of the patient and his satisfaction.

Of course, the “key” to effective treatment is also a cooperation between the doctor and the patient.

Silhouette Soft can be used both as a single treatment and as a combined treatment with fillers and Botox.

With “Fili Silhouette Soft” different areas of the face can be treated: the jaw line, the cheeks, the eyebrows and the neck.

Silhouette Soft wires for face lifting are a new technology with double effect superimposed on lifting and regeneration thanks to the bending action of bidirectional resorptive wires.

This method is produced in the United States, perfected after 6 years of experience in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery using suspension wires.

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