Rhinoplasty – nose surgery

The aesthetic operation of the nose is one of the most common interventions in cosmetic surgery.

Every year in the United States about 100.000 cosmetic nose operations are performed.

The nose is positioned in the central part and is the most prominent part of the face and therefore is the part most exposed to trauma.

In fact, the trauma of the nose is the most common cause of deformity of the outside of the nose and nasal septum.

Nose deformities can be acquired and congenital. The congenital ones can be hereditary and not hereditary.

The acquired deformities are usually the result of injuries outside the nose.

In the Kustec Polyclinic, when we perform rhinoplasty operations, we use the highest quality and safe surgical instruments that do not damage the tissues but that give maximum efficiency during the execution of these demanding techniques.

We constantly strive to ensure that every patient is satisfied with his new appearance.

We avoid making uniform noses because not all nose morphologies can be adapted to each face.

Our task is also to protect the normal respiratory function of the nose, so we try to harmonize aesthetic and functional needs for the benefit of our patients.

Rhinoplasty is considered today as the most challenging intervention in cosmetic surgery, which is why the approach to each patient is characterized by the utmost care and attention to its physical and emotional needs.

Many people have an unsatisfied opinion of their nose. Living every day with an aspect that does not suit you totally could create over time problems of relationship and approach with others and even with oneself.

This is why the opinion of plastic surgeons is to undergo surgery if this problem arises.

Not least, after traumas breathing problems can occur, which is why it is important (and in some cases even necessary) to undergo this surgery.

We have listened to the opinions of those who have undergone rhinoplasty at our center in Zagreb and all reveal that they are happy with the result and the new look.

Changing the shape of the nose means changing a person’s face and expression, which is why our plastic surgeon in Croatia is very careful and precise as it must be a personalized condition for everyone because each face has a different appearance and for this, it is necessary to study how to intervene.

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