Face lifting

Facial skin is exposed to all elements and harmful substances from the environment due to which, facial skin ages faster.

While other parts of the body are covered by clothing, the face is always exposed to view, so we are the most sensitive to changes that are reflected in our face.

Initial signs of aging are first seen in the reduction of elasticity of the skin and relaxation of facial muscles, the appearance of fine lines, emphasis of the natural folds of the face and changes in the contours of the face.

A facelift is now a very successful procedure for removing and mitigating these changes, and the effect of a rejuvenated look lasts more than five years. After the expiry of this period, the face will still look better than it would look without surgery.

Facelift, cosmetic surgery of tightening the facial muscles, is, without doubt, the central intervention in aesthetic surgery.

It is the most common and most important aesthetic operation that belongs to a group of operations in terms of restoring facial contours to resemble how it looked at a younger age.

Face Lifting is also the base for all other cosmetic surgeries on the face and can be combined with other surgical procedures in that region.

This change has an objective but also a subjective side since each person differently perceives the appearance of aging and it is very difficult to determine accurately who needs surgery when to perform it.

You will be given an objective opinion during the consultation at the Poliklinika Bagatin when the doctor will be able to give a reasonable estimate.

Based on your desire and ability to achieve results, the doctor will give you an opinion of what you should suit you better-whether a better performance would be achieved by surgical correction or non-invasive treatments if we think that they would give a better solution or even a combination of both.

Facelift at the Poliklinika Bagatin tightens not only the facial skin but also the skin of the neck and part of the soft tissue segment. After such an operation the overall look of the face and neck changes.

The best results have been observed in the middle and lower third of the face and around the edge of the jaw, where it highlights the last line of the chin and gains a better crossing of the face towards the neck.

The surgery is performed when there are present signs of aging such as pronounced wrinkles, hanging skin, loss of tone in the previous contour of the face, namely the face “falls” and takes a sad look. Candidates for surgery are usually persons aged between 40 and 60 years.

Depending on the surgical technique, aesthetic facial rejuvenation surgery lasts from 3-4 hours. Most commonly facial and neck rejuvenation are performed together.

The location and length of the incision depend on what the procedure is trying to achieve and is adapted to the needs of an individual patient’s condition (depending on the relaxation and quality of skin).

The first results are visible immediately, but the end result is visible after 6 months.

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