Abdominoplasty, or “Tummy Tuck” is a procedure, which treats very loose skin and muscles of the abdomen, mostly after major weight gain or a large weight loss.

Excess skin and fat in the abdominal area can represent a great aesthetic and psychological burden, but can also lead to significant health problems.

Abdominoplasty is a good method if diet and exercise can not fix a serious muscle relaxation that occurs most often after several pregnancies.

The goal of surgery is to reduce fat on the belly and to form an aesthetically acceptable appearance – a flatter and tighter abdominal wall.

“Tummy tuck” or Abdominoplasty is a procedure for people with relaxed abdominal muscles and skin that can not regain its normal tone. We require physical examination before the procedure to rule out any serious illness that could cause complications during or after surgery.

To achieve the best results, good communication between doctor and patient is crucial. We will examine you and evaluate the skin tone, the degree of loose skin in the abdominal region and assess the excess fat, as well as the condition of your abdominal muscles.

There are several types of abdominoplasty, from the removal of small amounts of sagging skin and fat tissue to major surgery which strengthens the entire abdominal wall. Stretch marks can be removed when they are limited to the area of resection and are removed along with excess skin.

A tummy tuck is suitable for men and women who are in good health.

Women who have had several pregnancies may find the procedure useful for tightening their abdominal muscles and reducing skin.

A tummy tuck is also an option for men or women who were once obese and still have excess fat deposits or loose skin around the belly.

If you’re a woman who plans to get pregnant, then you may want to postpone a tummy tuck until you’re done having children.

During surgery, your vertical muscles are tightened, and future pregnancies can separate those muscles.

If you are planing to lose weight, than a tummy tuck also is not for you. A tummy tuck should be a last resort after you’ve tried everything else.

It should not be used as an alternative to weight loss.

You should also consider the appearance of scars after a tummy tuck. You can talk about scar placement and length with the doctor before the surgery.


Author:  doc. dr. sc. Aleksandar Milenović

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